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Forum of SC And ST Legislators and Parliamentarians (Regd.), is formally registered with the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Punjab, Chandigarh vide Registration No. 449 of 2014-15 dated 27.01.2015 registered under the Societies Registration Act, (XXI of 1860) and as amended by Punjab Amendment Act, 1957. But we are actually working for the last more than seven years, since 2007 along with elected representatives of different political parties who have been contributing selflessly for the betterment of our SC And ST communities.

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I am pleased to be part of the Forum. We should collectively look for social upliftment.Honorable MLA, S. Harpeet Singh
FSCSTLP is focusing the development of society that is the high demand of the time.Chief Patron, FSCSTLP

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