“Forum of SC/ST Legislators and Parliamentarians (Regd.)”, is formally registered with the Registrar of Firms and Societies, Punjab, Chandigarh vide Registration No. 449 of 2014-15 dated 27.01.2015 registered under the Societies Registration Act, (XXI of 1860) and as amended by Punjab Amendment Act, 1957. But we are actually working for the last more than seven years, since 2007 along with elected representatives of different political parties who have been contributing selflessly for the betterment of our SC/ST communities.

Now with the coming into existence of the Forum, our main aim is to formally get the elected representatives belonging to SC/ST communities of different parties at one platform so that with their cooperation, guidance and support we may carry forward the message of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar of “Educate, Organize, Struggle”. The distinguished feature of this Forum is that this Forum is above party lines and without any political interest which will ensure the fulfillment of noble cause of welfare of our communities without any partiality or self interest. The Forum will ensure that the special provisions which were made to promote the social, educational, economic and service interest of the SC/ST communities due to the efforts of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, are implemented in letter and spirit. Besides working for the welfare of the SC/ST communities, the Forum will also ensure that the safeguards, the laws concerning SC/ST communities are well applied.